Technology » Notes » Heliogen has developed a solar concentration technology that pulverizes the temperature record

  • Heliogen has developed a solar concentration technology that pulverizes the temperature record

    The company has announced the launch, on a commercial scale, of a technology for industrial processes, capable of exceeding temperatures above 1,000 ° C.

    This technology is a great advance globally. Thanks to it, fossil fuels can be replaced in critical industrial processes . So far, renewable had a record temperature of 565 ° C . Hence, heavy industry will need the use of other fuels, traditionally fossil, to reach temperatures necessary in certain processes. As examples, in the production of cement, steel and petrochemical products.

    But this new Heliogen technology saves that problem. The company may replace solar fuels for the aforementioned industrial processes. This will favor the drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As an example, cement production accounts for more than 7% of global CO2 emissions . That makes the new Heliogen technology a milestone for the planet.

    The company also reported that continues to develop the system to reach temperatures of 1500 ° C . At that temperature, Heliogen can divide CO2 and water to produce fossil-free fuels, such as hydrogen or synthesis gas.

    Heliogen solar thermal technology
    Heliogen has patented this system. Unlike traditional solar energy, from panels that capture the sun's energy, Heliogen has developed concentrated solar energy. This technology, which uses mirrors to reflect the sun at a single point, is not new.

    Concentrated solar energy has been used in the past to produce electricity and, to a limited extent, to generate heat for the industry.

    Now Heliogen has found a way to use artificial intelligence and a field of mirrors to reflect enough sunlight to generate an extreme temperature of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.

    Heliogen uses computer vision software, automatic edge detection and other sophisticated technologies. With all this they are able to train a field of mirrors to reflect the sun's rays at a single point.

    In this regard, Bill Gross , founder and CEO of Heliogen, explained:

    "If you take a thousand mirrors and align them exactly to a single point, you can reach extremely, extremely high temperatures."

    Heliogen has added that it is generating so much temperature that its technology could eventually be used to create clean hydrogen at scale. That carbon-free hydrogen could become fuel for trucks and airplanes.