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    Posted by Prakash Sandeep November 12, 2019 - 332 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #APC by Scheider Electric 

    By 2024, companies spend more than $ 650 billion annually on digital transformation. However, the increase in the number of devices and the creation of distributed edge computing networks will bring new problems that will have to be solved - security is among them

    IT professionals and their specialized skills will be particularly crucial for the further development of edge computing; However, the problem will be in the shortage of staff, which applies to the whole IT in general; but also the supply chain, channel and various partner programs of large companies will be important.

    The study also highlights the most interesting vertical markets in which the industrial Internet of Things will be important: health (37%), manufacturing (33%) and industry (23%) . The study also points out that, on average, 75% of Schneider Electric's French partners identify any business outages as undesirable and damaging to their business.

    It is the wide ecosystem of the cooperating partners that emphasizes the study - which makes sense in the light of current market developments.

    Furthermore, the study focuses mainly on safety; in principle, edge computing is vulnerable to both digital and physical threats, primarily due to its fragmentation. The answer is to be a quality device management system and trained IT staff.