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  • Coal power plants damage the climate

    Posted by Prakash Sandeep November 27, 2019 - 332 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Coal power plants damage the climate  #CO2 emissions  #power plants 

    The coal commission is due to release coal end scenarios since 2030 in January, but environmental activists want to stop coal burning immediately. But what would make up for the power outage? “We have to reduce energy consumption in the first place,” 

    But in case of closure of this power plant, what should be replaced by energy? According to Dombrovsky, the most fundamental argument is the reduction of energy consumption. "We have the fourth largest CO2 emissions per person, which means we consume excessive amounts of energy," he says.

    The Limits Movement is our intention to stop the operation of all power plants in addition to shutting down the plant. 

    How would the power outage be compensated? “There are, of course, renewable resources, which is offered. And I think that is the direction we should take. First of all, to find out in what way we can reduce consumption, ”Dombrovská points out that large energy consumption is in industry and production.