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  • 42% of users believe that smartphones will understand them better than real friends

    Posted by Prakash Sandeep November 27, 2019 - 326 views - 1 comment - 0 likes - #42% of users believe that smartphones will understand them better than real friends 

    Ericsson's research has confirmed that we are able to trust electronics astonishingly a lot - and to know what we prefer

    Half of the current users of virtual assistants believe that these technologies will soon understand their emotions as well. A total of 42% think that their smartphones will soon understand even more than their friends .

    According to 6 out of 10 respondents, within 3 years the mainstream will be devices that perceive and respond to our mood. Users in the future require virtual assistants to evaluate the situation and, if necessary, automatically mute their smartphone or block notifications. Users believe that artificial intelligence will know our secrets. In holding them, they trust her more than other people.

    Too much sense - or too little?

    That's what the Ericsson survey says. Rather, the fact is that individuals' opinions of how much they can trust in their facilities are highly fragmented. However, the convenience and practicality of using them prevails in most cases.

    Not being able to decide what to eat for breakfast without the advice of a virtual assistant can become a reality. 34% of users believed the artificial intelligence in matters of nutrition , but only 25% of them believed in the same person. 34% of respondents think that critical thinking will disappear due to overuse of virtual assistants. 31% expect us to go to "mind gyms" to practice thinking.

    A total of 49% of virtual assistant users would like to use their services to automatically purchase their normal household items, and 52% would like to automatically repair and reclaim household appliances. 47% of users would want to manage all their finances.

    What happens when we take virtual assistants into family life? A total of 47% of respondents believe that the different virtual assistants get the same question different answers . According to 41% of respondents, it will be important for a happy relationship that virtual assistants are compatible with the human couple. A total of 31% believe that virtual assistants in their home will argue as if they were family members

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