Senior Electrical Engineer

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  • Posted: Jan 11
  • Updated: Jan 11

Job Description

Overall Job Purpose

To complete structure engineering deliverables required for the assigned project effectively and efficiently according to specified technical requirements and timelines.

Core Responsibilities

Develops structural specifications specific to the assigned project and validates them with the Lead Engineer before incorporating them in the RFQs. Involves in technical bid evaluation process and ensures selected vendors meet technical/engineering and delivery requirements as stipulated in the project specifications.

Manages and coordinates engineering contractor’s structural detailed engineering work by monitoring project delivery schedule, providing technical guidance and support, and reviewing structural design documents.

Develops solutions to technical/engineering and related problems by analyzing the issues/data, interpreting the analysis and evaluating various options/measures using experience, precedents and professional references.

Provides technical /engineering support and advice to Construction work, responds to Technical Queries, reviews technical documents, and follows up to rectify the gaps or problems. Where necessary, provides off-site support.

Carries out structural analysis, prepares structural documents (drawings, material take-off, weight control report and analysis report) where necessary.