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Grounding system

  • October 6, 2019 1:27 AM PDT


    The house which I am living has already a grounding system and a grounded line between the breaker box and the water line, but I was looking to install the missing grounding rod. Yesterday I bought 5/8" x 8' grounding rod and 10 inch deep in the grounded I hammered.
    My query from you guys, what guage wire is it needed to run from the breaker box to the grounding rod? It is a residential house. Does my concept of installing grounding rod matches the code.

    Thanks in advance for any comment anyone can provide

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    October 6, 2019 4:25 AM PDT

    A 6AWG is good to the ground rod, if you can keep it out of harms way. I had to do the same a few years ago. All your utilities should be bonded, includes telephone, cable, etc. 

    Since my telephone came in at a different location I hammered the second ground rod there to make that connection easier.  If one ground rod does not make a 25 ohm connection to the earth a second ground rod is required.  It is easier to drive two rods than try to measure the resistance.

    I assume you hammered the ground rod 10 feet not 10 inches.  Quite the experience, if you do it by hand. 


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