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Ground fault protection

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    September 8, 2019 12:44 AM PDT

    Is it permissible to supply power to a ground fault protection system upstream of the main disconnect? I have been told it is not allowed by code, per 230.82(8)

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    September 8, 2019 4:22 AM PDT

    230.32 Only the following equipment shall be permitted to be connected to the supply side of service disconnecting means:

    230.32(8)  Ground fault protection system or Type 2 surge-protective devices, where installed as part of listed equipment, if suitable overcurrent protection  & disconnecting means are provided.


    What part of the above does your system violate ?


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    September 8, 2019 4:57 AM PDT

    I assume you mean GFP and not GFCI.  GFP is often available in the service breaker and is adjustable.  Is this what you mean?