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120/240V single-phase meter

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    April 6, 2019 1:33 PM PDT

       I have a project site that has a temporary service on one end.  It is a 120/240V single-phase meter with a 200-amp panel mounted on a plywood & 2 x 4 A-frame.  It is grounded with ground rods.  From the panel the electrician ran a triplex with ground, underground to another panel mounted on another A-frame on the other side of the project site.  I will clarify that the triplex contains 2 hots, 1 neutral, & 1 ground.  They are a couple hundred feet from each other.  From the second panel the electricians ran a rubber cord to a construction trailer sitting right next to the panel.  My question is, 590.2(A) says unless modified by Article 590 all requirements for permanent wiring apply to temporary wiring, would Section 250.32 apply to the second panel or the trailer.

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    April 6, 2019 2:55 PM PDT

    I am not certain that art. 590 would apply at all.  If the trailer is an old mobile home then it may have permanent wiring and thus not relevant.  I assume the wiring is above ground but it definitely needs protection.