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  • Differential Protection for Power Transformers

    Posted Jan 28 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      Current based differential protection has been applied in power systems since the end of the 19th century , and was one of the first protection systems ever used. Faults are detected by comparing the currents f Read More...

  • Concept of Grid

    Posted Jan 27 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      Power Grid is a Network of power lines, transformers, and associated equipment employed in distributing electricity over a geographical area. In other words it can be defined as an interconnected network for de Read More...

  • Wind Turbine Generators

    Posted Jan 25 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      To complete the entire process described above each Wind Turbine Generators will require a step up transformer to reach MV collection voltage. This transformer will either be located in the nacelle at the top o Read More...

  • Broken conductor detection

    Posted Jan 22 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      A typical unbalanced fault that can occur on the system is an open circuit fault. This fault can arise from a broken conductor, mal-operation of one of the switchgear poles, or blowing of a fuse.   Under Read More...

  • circuit breaker, Breaking capacity of Circuit Breaker

    Posted Jan 21 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      The breaking capacity of a protection device must be at least equal to the maximum prospective shortcircuit current which may occur at the point at which this device is installed. Breaking capacity < ikmax Read More...

  • Power meters

    Posted Jan 20 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      A power meter is a meter that can measure electrical parameters such as energy, power, voltage, current, power factor, and frequency. A power meter is generally an accurate (e.g. 0.5%) and precise (e.g. 32 samp Read More...

  • Problems caused by inrush:

    Posted Jan 19 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      Power quality problems: unbalance harmonic   Other disturbances caused by inrush: 1. Incorrect operation and failures of electrical machines and relay systems, 2. Irregular voltage distribution a Read More...

  • Short-circuit currents

    Posted Jan 18 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


    Calculating the short-circuit current across the terminals of a synchronous  generator is very complicated because the internal impedance of the latter varies  according to time When the power gr Read More...

  • Transmission of power

    Posted Jan 13 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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    The huge amount of power generated in a power station (hundreds of MW) is to be transported over a long distance (hundreds of kilometers) to load centers to cater power to consumers with the help of transmission line and Read More...

  • Primary fuse coordination

    Posted Jan 12 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      Figure  illustrates the time-current characteristic curves for two amp ratings of time-delay, dual-element fuses in series, as depicted in the oneline diagram. The horizontal axis of the graph represents t Read More...