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  • Factors Affecting Transmission System Losses

    Posted Aug 15 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


    The following is a description of major factors that can affect transmission losses for a system.   Metering Data   Accurate metering of loads, generation, and transmission interties is critical to reconc Read More...

  • Arc fault circuit interrupter

    Posted Aug 4 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


    Arc fault circuit interrupter technology was originally developed to protect areas near downed utility lines. As circuit boards were miniaturized, arc fault protection was applied to residential circuits. AFCIs are now Read More...

  • All about transformer

    Posted Jul 31 by David Welson


        What should be essential type test requirement for a particular voltage class transformer but of different ratings? Requirement of Dielectric tests whether routine or type are well defined in IS 20 Read More...

  • Time-based discrimination

    Posted Jul 20 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      Protection functions form a consistent system depending on the overall structure of the power distribution system and the neutral earthing arrangement. They should therefore be viewed as a system based on the p Read More...

  • Medium voltage loop

    Posted Jul 11 by Reynaldo Danilo


      A medium voltage loop is generally supplied from two separate primary substations. It supplies secondary MV/LV substations dedicated to the LV public distribution and private electrical installations. The MV/L Read More...

  • Introduction to Distribution Systems

    Posted Jul 5 by David Welson


        Power systems are comprised of 3 basic electrical subsystems. Generation subsystem Transmission subsystem Distribution subsystem   The subtransmission system is also sometimes designated t Read More...

  • Components of Protection

    Posted Jun 29 by David Welson


      Components of Protection   Some of the commonly used components of the protective schemes are described here in brief. Those are   Relays CB Tripping and Auxiliary Supplies CTs Read More...

  • Backup power system

    Posted Jun 24 by Reynaldo Danilo


        You can meet this challenge by installing a backup power system. It is required for health-care facilities, where continuity of power is essential for life support and ongoing operations. Schools, Read More...

  • Generator Relay Data

    Posted Jun 23 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      A good starting point is to compile the data needed for setting the various generator protective functions.  Figures provide examples of organizing and massaging or converting the information to a Read More...

  • Arc-Flash Study

    Posted Jun 21 by Reynaldo Danilo


        An arc-flash hazard analysis has become a standard part of many system studies. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the available arc-flash incident energy at all of the busses in the power syst Read More...