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  • Protection Against Fire Substation

    Posted Sep 1 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


        with fire associated with power transformers or oil-filled reactors, where the consequences can be particularly serious and extensive because of the large volume of oil that can catch fire and sp Read More...

  • Loading bays: key elements for a safe flow of goods

    Posted Jun 12 by Mike Stephens


    Loading bays are the point of connection between the warehouse and the vehicles during the loading and unloading of goods. It is therefore a fundamental structural element for the warehouses of companies and industries Read More...

  • Principles of Relay Application

    Posted Feb 26 by David Welson


    The power system is divided into protection zones defined by the equipment and the available circuit breakers. Six categories of protection zones are possible in each power system: (1) generators and generator–tra Read More...

  • Backup protection functions

    Posted Feb 15 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      Overcurrent-time protection (ANSI 50, 50N, 51, 51N) Backup protection on the transformer is achieved with a two-stage overcurrent protection for the phase currents and 3I0 for the calculated neutral current. T Read More...

  • Zero-sequence ground current sensing

    Posted Jan 29 by Hameedullah Ekhlas

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      Zero-sequence ground current sensing has been used for sensitive ground current protection for decades, but questions still are raised by installers and specifiers.  Strictly speaking, any method of groun Read More...

  • Concept of Grid

    Posted Jan 27 by Hameedullah Ekhlas


      Power Grid is a Network of power lines, transformers, and associated equipment employed in distributing electricity over a geographical area. In other words it can be defined as an interconnected network for de Read More...