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  • As regards the cables, in substations we can have the following situations: – accessible sub-panel compartment, or a walkable basement under the supporting plane of the switchgear, for which a net height of not less than 1.7 m is recommended. This solution is suitable for cases where the ca...
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  •   In order to ensure uninterrupted supply to connected loads in thermal power stations or process industries, two types of automatic supply transfer schemes are normally used. One is the automatic bus transfer scheme, used in medium voltage switchgear of thermal power stations, which is requi...
  •     Connection to the MV network can be made: b By a single service cable or overhead line, b By dual parallel feeders via two mechanically interlocked load-break switches b Via a ring main unit including two load-break switches.   MV/LV Transformers and internal MV distrib...
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Excel sheet calculator for Power Factor Correction calculations


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  • shukhovu Kakumbi
    shukhovu Kakumbi Hello
    Reynaldo can you happen to have an excel sheet for sizing a variable frequency drive
    Nov 17

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